Among the World Mission Commission, we are incredibly blessed to have authors who have helped shape the Pentecostal, missiological movement. Over the years the WMC has commissioned a book series as well as benefited from the selfless contributions of their work to enrich the global missiological movement.

We have made available in PDF form a brief digital library of Pentecostal Missiological resources.

As the World Mission Commission, our desire is that we, as practitioners, engage on the field, while consulting with missiological voices to widen our reach and understanding. Our authors rank as some of the most influential, missiological voices within the Pentecostal movement. We believe their works lay a timeless underpinning for generations of missions that are still to come.

As we strive to make a global, wholistic impact, we have gather various resources among our organizations to make this Common Library available to you. We recognize that we are at our best when we can share and learn with one another. In this library you will find a variety of resources as well as manuals, reports, and handbooks pertaining the work of Development and Relief around the globe.