I would like to welcome you to the page of the World Missions Commission of  the Pentecostal World Fellowship. 

The Pentecostal World Fellowship advisory committee, recognizing the needs in our world for the spreading of the gospel, mandated a commission to address the missionary vision and work, as well as relief and development activities of its members.

We are here to serve His body, we are here to serve you! 

Max Barroso



The World Missions Commission is passionate about nurturing an environment of cooperation and flexibility. We are committed to providing a sound, Biblical, and missiological basis for holistic world mission activities. Our members are motivated to engage with one another through cooperation and to motivate the PWF members to fully engage in world missions.


The Pentecostal Commission on Religious Liberties focuses its efforts primarily on advocacy, networking, and resourcing on behalf of the persecuted church to the Pentecostal family at large. Religious freedom is violated in our world in three different ways: through discrimination, persecution, and martyrdom. Discrimination takes place even in countries claiming religious liberty, including Western nations. In many nations, these is increasing tolerance of Biblical values.


The Relief and Development Network serves to raise awareness of how we serve the holistic gospel and could work together to deepen our impact around the world. Many of us represent national church fellowships and their mission initiatives, we share a common conviction that the gospel as expressed through the local church is the catalyst for individual community and societal transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit.