Global SummitS

The Pentecostal Relief and Development Partners Summit is a highly anticipated yearly event where leaders and experts from church-based organizations across the globe convene to connect, gain insights from one another, work together, and engage in forward-thinking strategies.

2021 - Helsinki

In September 2021, the second Global Summit took place in Helsinki, Finland. The rich conversations in light of the global changes triggered by the COVID-19 global pandemic were accompanied by the reflection provided by the papers and findings provided by the working groups.

2021 Summit Follow up letter

2021 Summit Papers and Attendee Packet

2020 - Oklahoma City

In January 2020, we gathered at our first Global Development and Relief Partners’ Summit to pray, envision, and set motion our desire for collaboration and cooperation as Pentecostal leaders and organizations working in this area. From the beginning, we prioritized the process of exploration as we set goals and cast a vision for what was to come. We all recognized it was essential to have proper representation, as well as a structure where each voice was clearly heard and valued.

2020 Summit Recap

2020 Summit Papers and Attendee Packet