As we strive to make a global, wholistic impact, we have gather various resources among our organizations to make this Common Library available to you. We recognize that we are at our best when we can share and learn with one another. In this library you will find a variety of resources as well as manuals, reports, and handbooks pertaining the work of Development and Relief around the globe.

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Due Diligence Guidelines (Church Tool)

How to form great partnerships that operate with legal, financial and ethical integrity.

Justice for the Poor Position Paper

God has called his church to be a voice speaking out against such widespread injustice and a remedy to the poverty it causes. We are called to live a counter-cultural life marked by justice, mercy, love, generosity, and selflessness. We are called to share of our resources to meet the needs of others, and as such we are called to loosen the chains of oppression for the poor. This paper explores our role in all of this. 

Holistic Understanding of Poverty Paper

A Discussion Paper that explores what poverty really is, as well as what methods we should employ to address it.

Changing Practices and Mindsets Toolkit

This tool was designed to help those seeking to assist Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs make the transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs.

Kinnected - Ethical Volunteering

How volunteers and visitors can best support vulnerable children.

The Kinnected Program Booklet

Kinnected is an ACCI Relief run program, which seeks to preserve and strengthen families and assist children currently living in residential care to achieve their right to be raised in a family. ACCI Relief believes that the family is the best place for the holistic development and care of a child.



Biblical Foundation For Missions - Dr. Terry Tramel

"The purpose of this document is to attest that in every genre of Scripture exists a foundation of missions. As Ralph Winter said: "The Bible is not the bases of missions; missions is the basis of the Bible." May you, as the reader reach that same conclusion after considering these examples from the library of Holy Scripture..." READ MORE

Core Value of Christ's Kingdom - Dr. B.S. Moses Kumar

"The central focus of IPHC is that 'We Prayerfully value Christ's Kingdom,' and upon the hinge the former three values--which are foundational, and the later three--which as functional and relational." READ MORE

Core Value of Justice - Dr. Chris Thompson and Rev. Stacey Hilliard

The Word of God must be the authority that determines our view of justice. God's Word does not give us the liberty to assert our preconceived opinions about any person, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or place of natural birth, in a matter that is..." READ MORE


Cross-Cutting Objectives in FIDA's Development CooperationA cross-cutting objective illustrates a trend, which signifies the necessity to consider something in all operations. In practical terms, this means cross-cutting themes should be made part of the development policy on all its levels: goals, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

FIDA's Environmental Policy

The resilience of local communities is strengthened by increasing disaster preparedness and improved planning of the living environment.

FIDA's Child Protection Policy

There are many risks which threaten children’s security as well as their balanced growth and development. Compared to an adult, a child is more influenced by his or her surroundings and therefore needs the support of adults.

Development Cooperation Programme and Implementation Plan

It is the vision that Fida catalyses and equips churches to act as strong societal advocates so that the rights of vulnerable children and youth will be fulfilled.


Conflict Sensitivity Wheel

"The book consists of two parts. In part 1, we give an overview of the concept of conflict sensitivity. In part 2, we systematically go through the different components of the Conflict Sensitivity Wheel. We hope that the material will be a source of inspiration and a support to development practitioners around the world."

Church and Gender Equality (English)

"As a part of the global Pentecostal movement, PMU sees the importance of the Church being an active voice and actor for gender equality in society. This book is designed to be a complement to PMU’s policy for gender equality."

Church and Gender Equality (French)/Église et Égalité de Sexes

En tant que membre du mouvement pentecôtiste mondial, le PMU voit l'importance pour l'Église d'être une voix actifs et de prendre en main un rôle pour l'égalité des sexes dans la société. Ce livre se veut un complément à la politique d’égalité des sexes de PMU.

Global Pentecostalism and Agenda 2030

Researchers have lately been increasingly intrigued by the strong development and the influence that the Pentecostal movement have obtained, particularly in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. In this document, PMU and Pingst (the Swedish Pentecostal churches) have attempted to compile an overview of the current research about the movement.

PMU's Policy for Rights Based Approach

PMU's Policy for Gender Equality

PMU's Humanitarian Strategy