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ACCI Relief Resources

Due Diligence Guidelines (Church Tool)

How to form great partnerships that operate with legal, financial and ethical integrity.

Justice for the Poor Position Paper

God has called his church to be a voice speaking out against such widespread injustice and a remedy to the poverty it causes. We are called to live a counter-cultural life marked by justice, mercy, love, generosity, and selflessness. We are called to share of our resources to meet the needs of others, and as such we are called to loosen the chains of oppression for the poor. This paper explores our role in all of this. 

Holistic Understanding of Poverty Paper

A Discussion Paper that explores what poverty really is, as well as what methods we should employ to address it.

Changing Practices and Mindsets Toolkit

This tool was designed to help those seeking to assist Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs make the transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs.

Kinnected - Ethical Volunteering

How volunteers and visitors can best support vulnerable children.

The Kinnected Program Booklet

Kinnected is an ACCI Relief run program, which seeks to preserve and strengthen families and assist children currently living in residential care to achieve their right to be raised in a family. ACCI Relief believes that the family is the best place for the holistic development and care of a child.