Pentecostal Development and Relief Partners

For the past few years, several of us have gathered to begin to explore the potential for Pentecostal relief and development ministries to raise awareness of how we serve the holistic gospel and could work together to deepen our impact around the world. Many of us represent national church fellowships and their mission initiatives, we share a common conviction that the gospel as expressed through the local church is the catalyst for individual community and societal transformation through the work of the Holy Spirit. With that shared vision, we are working to step across organizational lines towards intentional, effective collaboration!

Pentecostal Development Partners' Summit 2020

In January 2020, we gathered at our first Global Development and Relief Partners’ Summit to pray, envision, and set motion to our desire of collaboration and cooperation as Pentecostal leaders and organizations working in this area. From the beginning, we prioritized the process of exploration as we set goals and cast vision for what is to come. We all recognized it was essential to have proper representation, as well as a structure where each voice is clearly heard and valued.


During the Summit, we spent significant time discussing the potential of these Pentecostal agencies working closely together in the future. We discussed topics such as: gender equality in development work, the Biblical basis for missions and development, and models and practical examples of networking and collaboration. We mapped where we were already working, our implementing partners, our focus countries, as well as exploring how to work together in Crisis/Disaster Response.


These days of dialogue and discovery led to a unanimous decision to move forward in collaboration. We will continue to converse, bring others to the table, and meet together again in Scandinavia 2021! We are truly grateful to the Lord's faithfulness and move forward confident that we are better together!