In order to better serve the members of the commision. The Pentecostal World Fellowship Advisory Board appointed Dr. Arto Hämäläinen as the Chairman of the World Missions Commission. He and the Lead team elected by the WMC serve the member organization in resourcing and encouraging the body at large to fulfill the Great Commission.


    Dr. Arto Hämäläinen is Chairman of the World Missions Commission of Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF) as well as member of the Advisory Committee of PWF. He serves as Adjunct Faculty Member (Course Grader) of Global University (based in USA), and has a Chair of Mission Studies in Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium. He is also Lead Team member in the Missions Commission of World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF). He serves since the beginning of 2019 as chairman of the joint Religious Liberty Commission (CRL) of PWF and WAGF.  Dr. Hämäläinen is Mission Associate of the World Missions Commission of World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). 

    He serves in the Global Council in the Empowered21 movement as well as in the Cabinet of Western Europe. Dr. Hämäläinen is Executive Director Emeritus of Fida International (Finnish Pentecostal Mission), and he served as Secretary (15 years) and Chairman (3 years) of Pentecostal European Fellowship (PEF), and as chairman of its mission branch Pentecostal European Mission (PEM) 24 years up to 2015. He works as chairman of the Africa Pentecostal Mission Fellowship since 2018. He is also Advisor for Pentecostal Asia Mission (PAM) and Senior advisor of PEF. He is author of several missiological books and articles, and his teaching and training ministry has taken place in about 60 countries. He is married with Sirkka, and has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.


    Max is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his formal seminary training at the Instituto Biblico del Rio de la Plata in Argentina. He then graduated from Southwestern Christian University where he now serves on the university’s Executive Committee of the Board of Regents. 

    Max has over a decade of experience in youth ministry, discipleship, missions and leadership. He has ministered in more than 50 different nations, leads diverse missions efforts, mentors and develops leaders globally, and intentionally invests in the next generation. 

    Since 2009, Max has served IPHC World Missions as director of The Awakening and in 2018 was also appointed as Regional Director for South America. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Pentecostal World Fellowship World Missions Commission, in the NGN Global Cabinet for Empowered21 and is an Ordained minister in the Heartland conference of the IPHC. . Max, his wife Jessica, and their children live in Edmond, Oklahoma and believe this generation will change the world!


    Brad Walz has been an appointed missionary with the U.S. Assemblies of God (AGWM) since 1986. He and his wife Rhonda lived in Argentina for 27 years. They pioneered the missions department there, which has become the largest missions sending agency in Latin America, with over 200 workers sent to over 40 nations. 

    He has traveled widely, having been in 120 countries.  He has spoken in numerous international congresses and events, in both the English and Spanish languages.  He was president of the Argentine A/G Missions Department, until Nov. 2017.  Since 1998, he is also president of the A/G Latin Missions Network “Misiones en Conjunto,” (Missions Together) and since 2009 has been the founding chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship Missions Commission.  He is also the secretary of the Missions Commission for the Pentecostal World Fellowship. He has coordinated 9 large international events with a total attendance of over 7,000 people from over 90 countries. They have two adult children and currently reside in the United States.


    Murray Cornelius is a husband to Cindy, a father and granddad, an optimist, an encourager, a lover all things sports, and a Cross-Fit wannabe. He believes the best in people, prefers meat to vegetables, is competitive to a fault, has a great memory for the unimportant, is a bit shy, and passionately works to advance the Kingdom of God.

    Professionally he has served as the Executive Director of International Missions for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada since 2006., overseeing over 340 workers serving in over 60 countries. He provides the strategic direction for the PAOC’s International Work, provides pastoral oversight for all their global workers and leads a home team that provides the administrative and support services for all PAOC’s mission work. The PAOC is committed to reach the unreached, establish churches, train leaders and engage in community development, education, health, advocacy and crisis response.

    He serves as the Chairperson of the Board of ERDO (Emergency Relief and Development Overseas), the charity that delivers care on behalf of the PAOC. In addition, he is the Chairperson of Villages of Hope Africa Society, which cares for orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa.

    Together with his wife Cindy, he served in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa for 20 years in Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting, Theological Education and Social Engagement.


    Reverend Asa Michael Kain is the Senior Pastor of the Dhaka Assembly of God Church. Reverend Kain served as the General Superintendent (Chairman) of the Assemblies of God in Bangladesh. He has served in this position for twenty five years. In this movement he has seen one church planted every three weeks. Reverend Kain also serves on the World Mission Commission of the World Pentecostal Fellowship. He also serves as the Chairman on the Pentecostal Asian Mission (PAM). 

    He has authored numerous articles on contemporary and theological issues in different periodicals.  He has authored a book titled, “Ministry and Planting Churches in Restricted Context”, teaches in several theological institutes and travels worldwide. He is married to Gwen Janice and they have two children Milena and Matthew. Matthew is married to Raimey and Milena is married to Jon. The Kains have four grandchildren.  


    Harri Hakola is an economist and a graduate in theology. He serves as the Executive Director of Fida International, a Pentecostal Mission and Development Organization. In addition, he is the Chairman of the Pentecostal European Mission (PEM) .

    In previous years, Harri worked in Kenya on field assignments and on leadership positions in development cooperation at Fida. He has served as Interpedia's Executive Director and Administrative Manager for International Work at the Church's External Assistance. Harri resides in Finland with his family.


    Dr. Grant McClung is President of Missions Resource Group and Missiological Advisor to the World Missions Commission of the Pentecostal World Fellowship. He serves in an at-large capacity for global missionary education through Church of God World Missions (Cleveland, Tennessee). 

    McClung is a graduate of the Fuller Theological Seminary School of Intercultural Studies (Doctor of Missiology). He is the author of numerous missions resources, including Connecting to God’s Work in Your World and Azusa Street and Beyond:Missional Commentary on the Global Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement .  He is the Co-editor (with Arto Hamalainen) of Together in One Mission: Pentecostal Cooperation in World Evangelization.


    Uchechukwa (Uche) Ama is the Director of Evangelism and Missions for the Central Africa Assemblies of God Alliance. He previously served as Secretary for the Assemblies of God Nigeria Decade of Harvest Emphasis (1999-2000). He also served as the National Coordinator for Research and Information (1992-2002) and as the National Director of Corporate Planning and Ministries for the Assemblies of God Nigeria (2002-2010). He is a team member of the Acts of Africa Initiative. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman for the Africa Pentecostal Mission Fellowship.



    Dr. Arto Hämäläinen, Finland


    Rev. Maximiliano Barroso, USA


    Mission Director Rev. Brad Walz, USA/Argentina 


    • Rev. Pastor Asa Kain, Bangladesh
    • Rev. Dr. Edward J. Chitsonga, Malawi
    • Rev. Harri Hakola, Finland
    • Rev. Murray Cornelius, USA
    • Dr. Grant McClung, USA

    • Rev. Uche Ama, Nigeria
    • Rev. David Batenzi, Tanzania
    • Bishop Joel Dibetsoe, South Africa
    • Rev. Simon Peter Emiau, Uganda
    • Rev. Ron Kinnear, South Africa
    • Dr. Eli Rop, Kenya
    • Rev. Abel Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso
  • ASIA

    • Dr. Miguel Alvarez, Philippines
    • Rev. Michael Dissanayeke, Sri Lanka
    • Rev. Moses Kumar, India
    • Dr. Chadwick Mohan, lndia
    • Rev. Surapong Pratumwan, Thailand
    • Ms. Shirley Siwi, lndonesia
    • Dr. Ildoo Kwon, South Korea
    • Dr. Takashi Yoshida, Japan

    • Rev. Linwood K. Berry, Spain
    • Rev. Daniel Costanza, Belgium 
    • Rev. Gheorghe Ritisan, Romania 
    • Rev. Peter Schneider, Germany
    • Bishop Nikolai Sinyuk, Ukraine
    • Rev. Paul Waern, Sweden
    • Rev. Jean-Luc Zolesio, France
  • Latin America

    • Rev. Isai Avendano, Colombia
    • Pastor Rev. Jackson Luvizotto, Brazil 
    • Rev. Saulo Gregorio de Lima, Brazil

    Rev. Kevin Hovey, Australia

  • Middle East

    • Rev. Harun Ibrahim, Middle East/Finland
    • Rev. Vance Massengill, Middle East/USA
    • Rev. Avi Mizrachi, lsrael
    • Rev. Dikran Salbashian, Jordan
    • Rev. Sam Yeghnazar, UK
    • Rev. lhsan Ozbek, Turkey
  • North America

    • Dr. Paul Alexander, USA
    • Bishop J. Talmadge Gardner, USA
    • Bishop Vincent Mathews, USA/Africa
    • Mission Director Dr. Greg Mundis, USA
    • Mission Director Rev. Ted Vail, USA

    • Dr. Grant McClung, USA 
    • Dr. Delonn Rance, USA

    • Dr. David Mohan, India
    • Dr. David Shibley, USA

    Dr. William Wilson, USA